Sunday, March 30, 2014

One year later... Dan and Sofi's San Antonio Engagement

It was a year ago today that Dan pulled off the perfect surprise engagement to the love of his life, Sofi. He had probably been planning this in his mind for years, but included Sofi's girlfriends in on the news about a month prior. We ironed out all the details, and Dan had the day planned out down to the minute. As an Air force pilot, he has a knack for precision and planning. The day finally arrived, and while Dan and Sofi were enjoying their romantic dinner at the Tower of America's --- a Sky high tower with a revolving restaurant at the top-- the rest of us were anxiously looking at our watches, and trying to not to be seen as we waited at the bar. Dan's nerves were running amok, and he excused himself from dinner several times to come check to make sure we were ready. Sofi had keenly picked up on his nervousness, but was actually worried that he wanted to break up with her. Boy, was she about to be REALLY surprised. The moment arrived when Sofi's friends and family quietly entered the room from behind her. Dan stood up and clanged his glass. He was announcing his love for Sofi to the entire restaurant. Sofi, wide eyed, slowly turned around, and was in shock to see us all standing behind her. I was armed and ready with my camera. Dan's top notch speech drew tears from on lookers and hoots and hollers from our wild crowd. He withdrew a miniature Dr. Who Tardis ring box, with Sofi's custom designed engagement ring in it. Excitedly, she said yes! A flurry of hugs, congrats, surrounded them. We brought the celebration outside where more surprises awaiting the newly engaged couple. A mariachi band came around the corner as we exited The Tower to serenade the love birds with a special song Dan had requested himself. Again, on lookers were in awe to see such a sight!  There was so much happiness in the air, we all couldn't help but to just smile from ear to ear. Next, a limo arrived to scoop up the couple and small group of friends off to a bigger celebration at a local cocktail bar. A party room had been reserved, and more friends were waiting to surprise Dan and Sofi. It turned out to be a much different night than Sofi thought she was  going to have. Dan commemorated the event by handing out T shirts to everyone with their special phrase/inside joke on it. Now, a year later, we are three weeks away from their wedding, and couldn't be happier for them!!!

Happy Engagement-versary you guys! XOXOX

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